Go Green on Earth Day, and Every Day!

Happy Earth Day! I know it’s  been a while since I posted, and I certainly have a lot of posts to catch up on, but I wanted to share some earth day ideas and eco-friendly lifestyle tips today.

From the bottom up, one way to be eco-friendly is to buy, and have, less things. Get the last pair of shoes you’ll ever need from Mohop – changeable, comfortable, handmade, and vegan!

 Find eco-friendly and handmade wallets, purses, boots and sandals at TreadLightGear.

Find accessories for your home at Goods For Life. “Using cloth napkins instead of paper products is good for the environment, and using napkins made from organic cotton and hemp is even better!”

Jbelle designs makes beautiful hand-painted laser-cut wooden earrings and necklaces. Not only are they cute and comfy, but eco-friendly too!

Organic handmade makeup from Naked Elements means less factory pollution and more small business!

I love these new designs from Revamp Clothing, made from eco-friendly and upcycled fabrics.

I try not to self-promote too much, but you can find fun and flirty organic cotton dresses, skirts, t-shirts and accessories at Belindabilly.

And just a fun way to celebrate Earth Day–Flower Pot Cake from 99 Crafting: a pretty twist on dirt cake!

You can check out my Earth Day pinterest board for more new and exciting eco-friendly resources!

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