Three Easy DIY Fabric Flowers

All 3 types of flowers
These are the flowers that I used in my Winter Wreath, so the instructions say to use hot glue, which is great for decorations and other crafts that won’t be washed. If you would like to use any of these on clothing or accessories, use needle and thread and place a stitch wherever the instructions say to place a drop of glue!

We will start with the large flower. I wasn’t trying to go for any particular kind of flower with this one, but it could be a peony, a big rose, or even a large carnation. Whatever it is, it turns out very pretty!

What you’ll need:

Three concentric circles of fabric

  • Three concentric circles of fabric, the largest one being 6-8″ across, and the rest about an inch and a half smaller in diameter. The fabric should be somewhat stiff, but with a good drape, like a nice twill or an egyptian cotton. Notice I didn’t bother to iron it, because I don’t spend time that I don’t have to!
  • Hot glue gun.
  1. Stack the fabric and pinch at the center.

Stack the fabric and pinch at the center

Make sure to pinch it with your non-writing hand (your lef hand if you are right-handed and vice versa); you will be shaping and glueing the petals with your other hand.

2.  Adjust and fold the petals, starting with the center and middle layers, until it looks like a flower.Adjust and glue until it looks like a flower

3.  Add dots of hot glue between the petals, as close to the base as you can, while still holding the folds in place (you want to hide the glue, but you also want to make sure that the folds of the petals will stay as you have arranged them).

4.  Do the same with the bottom layer, but pull some of the folds out and glue back, so the flower spreads out a bit.Finished flower

And there you have it! A very pretty, big flower. Use a variety of bright colored fabrics to make a bouquet that will brighten up any room, or white and off-white for an elegant, vintage look.

The small rose has a conical shape, so it’s great for the wreath or making bouquets, but it won’t work as well to decorate a flat surface, as it ends with a point.

What you’ll need:

Strip of fabric and hot glue gun

  • A hot glue gun
  • A strip of fabric–drape and stiffness doesn’t matter as much with this one, but a slippery fabric will be difficult to work with–about 2″-3″ by at least 12″ (the longer it is, the bigger flower you will have). Notice I still didn’t bother to iron it 🙂

1. Fold in the end of the fabric.

Fold the end of the fabric

You are trying to hide the raw edges on this flower more than the large one.

2. Fold the fabric in half longways, with the raw edges on the end tucked inside. Add some glue at the corner so it stays.2013-01-14 03.00.31

You’re only worried about the raw edges on the starting edge at this point. We’ll deal with the other end when we get there.

3. Start rolling the fabric. After it’s about three layers thick, fold the long strip back over itself. Place a dot of glue at the bottom edge between layers.

Start rolling the fabric

This will end up being the center of your rose, and the fold is the first petal. Here is a better photo of the fold:Fold and turn

5.  Continue to roll the fabric, keeping the bottom edges aligned until you roll past the fold. Add glue, then fold again.

2013-01-14 03.01.35

Keep rolling and folding and glueing. The folds become the edges and point of the rose petals.

2013-01-14 03.02.04

It’s okay if the center sticks out a bit.

6. When you get to the end of the fabric, make sure all the layers are secure with glue. Leave the raw edge sticking out.

2013-01-14 03.06.26

See the raw corner ^

7.  Unfold the strip of fabric, and fold the raw edge back under the flower and place a dot of glue in the center of the edge.
2013-01-14 03.07.378. Fold the two corners of the raw edge over the center of the edge so it creates a pointed petal. Secure with glue.

2013-01-14 03.08.13

The raw edge end is folded under my thumb in this photo, if it’s hard to tell.

That’s it! Admire your beautiful rose.

Now you have a rose!

Lastly, the flat rose with a center button. This works really well with needle and thread, back and forth through the center. This is also the best flower to use if you want to decorate clothing, a headband, a purse, etc.

What you’ll need:

  • A hot glue gun
  • A strip of fabric about 3″ by at least 12″
  • A button for the center

1. Fold the strip in half. Take the bottom corner and fold it on top of itself, about an inch down on the long edge of the fabric.

Fold the edge inside

2. Turn the fabric and fold the strip underneath the glued edge.

Fold and wrap under the end

This is very similar to the technique of the other rose, but you’re keeping the fabric flat rather than rolling it into a cone, and you’re folding the fabric underneath rather than next to the center.

3. Continue to turn and fold, making sure to scatter the corners of the folds so that they look like petals, glueing between the layers in the center of the flower to keep each fold secure. Do this until you run out of fabric and secure the end on the bottom.

Fold and turn and glue.

Notice how the folds are distributed around the center:

Flower without the center

4. Glue or sew your button into the center. That’s it!

Glue a button or jewel in the center

If you are confused about any of these techniques or have any questions, let me know in the comments. Have fun crafting!

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