Happy 2013!

We all live by different clocks and calendars.

-Chuck Palahnuik, Rant

I happen to live my life by holidays. I love holidays; I love getting excited for them, decorating and baking for them, having parties for them, dressing up, giving gifts…all the wonderful moments that we share on any day that we make special.

Hello, and welcome to my new blog For the Love of Holidays! I will be using this blog to share everything I love about holidays and the changing of the seasons, from decorating ideas to gift ideas, from recipes to DIY projects, from tips and tricks to outfits and accessories.

You can expect to see at least one post before (and sometimes after) all of the major American holidays, but I’ll spice it up with some more personal celebrations as well. Next time, I’ll talk about my year-round DIY holiday wreath, but for now, I’ll leave you with a small way to enjoy the season: a collection of designer January desktop backgrounds.

(click the photo to go the downloadable file)

Snowflake by Andy Snowden

Happy by Levade

Dive In by Duncan Simpson

Calls for a Bottle by Sarah Tanner and others at Smashing Magazine

Winter Holiday by Spigot Design

From Graphic Design Junction

From Graphic Design Junction

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